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PayPod: The Payments and Fintech Podcast

Hosted by Heather Bodie and sponsored by Soar Payments, this podcast features weekly interviews with thought leaders in the worlds of fintech and payments. From credit card processing to bitcoin, from blockchain to POS systems, and the latest in fintech.... we cover it all. 

Mar 27, 2020

When you walk up to a counter in a retail store, restaurant, or other brick-and-mortar business, you are likely to notice their POS system. Hardware still matters to many merchants and can have a huge impact on a business’ bottom line.

Our show this week is all about POS system hardware, and the finer points of sales...

Mar 20, 2020

There’s no question that fintech has revolutionized the world, and continues to do so each and every day… But what’s the real history of this revolution? Who are some of the most influential individuals behind the scenes?

The show this week is all about this revolution. Helping us explore it is our guest, Daniel...

Mar 14, 2020

Payment gateways are essentially the gears that help payments take place, and as such hold a tremendously important role. Like everything else in the payments world, technology presents transformative opportunities for software.

On this episode, we focus on how cloud-based technology is being applied to payment gateways...

Mar 7, 2020

It’s no secret that consumers are crazy about rewards. Businesses have realized this… offering loyalty programs, credit card rewards, cash back, and more. But maximizing these rewards can be difficult.

This episode is all about fintech (and mobile payments) solutions to this challenge. Our guest is Ash Seddeek who...